Stockoffice 2022

Stockoffice III

A new warehouse and production building is finished in May 2022 on the Angerja road 57 property, where it is possible to rent boxes with a size of 130 m² to 690 m². It is also possible to multiply the size of the rental space by connecting the boxes. The goods can be loaded through a lifting door with dimensions ranging from 3 m x 4 m to 5.5 m x 5 m, depending on the size of the box.

The production or storage room has gas heating and the larger boxes have separate heat recovery ventilation systems in production as well as in offices and domestic rooms. Office rooms are heated and cooled through heat pumps. Underfloor heating is used in the toilets, showers and changing room. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building, which will ensure a cheaper electricity price during sunny days.

There is 24-hour access to the premises. Outdoor advertising can be installed on the facade of the building. Free parking is available at the house for employees and customers. In addition, convenient access to trucks is also guaranteed.

Come and find out more about the possibilities of growing your business in Allika Industrial Park!

All vacant spaces are occupied by today, but please contact us regarding the planning of the next stockoffice building.